Zion 1930 Breakfast Menu

We’ve seen that the Union Pacific had hand-colored menus showing two slightly different views of the same scene in Bryce Canyon National Park. This menu shows that it also had menus in this series–which I call the art nouveau series based on the decorative frames–with slightly different views of the Great White Throne in Zion National Park.

Click image to download a 2.4-MB PDF of this menu.

What’s more, I’ve found a third variation of this menu cover that I’ll present in a few days. Three variations of the same scene seem especially peculiar because UP had such a limited number of art nouveau-style menus: in addition to Bryce and Zion, we’ve seen Mt. Rainier, Multnomah Falls, Crater Lake, Longs Peak, and Grand Canyon. I’ll present an Ogden Canyon menu tomorrow and I’ve also seen covers in this series with California orange groves, the Mormon Temple, and Old Faithful, as shown below, plus Yosemite Falls, less than a dozen menu covers in the series if you don’t count the near-duplicates.

The left side of the 1930 menu has an a la carte selection while the right side is the same beverage menu that is also found on some art nouveau lunch and dinner menus. All of these menus also say, “For Additional Items Available Please See Special Slip Attached,” but this is the first one I’ve found that has such a slip. Unfortunately, it is for a dinner menu, but I’ve included it with this one since that’s where I found it.

Click image for a slightly larger view of this menu cover.

Click image for a larger view of this 1927 menu cover.

Click image for a larger view of this 1935 dinner menu.

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