Los Angeles Limited Longs Peak Menu

The menu presents a different view of Longs Peak from the one on the cover of the City of Los Angeles menu posted here a few months ago, yet it is recognizably the same mountain. Recent photos taken from the same spot as this one can be viewed on the web, though I haven’t found any with athletic young women standing precariously at the edge of a cliff. The inside of this menu is identical to yesterday’s Crater Lake menu and the earlier Bryce Canyon menu.

Click image to download a 3.6-MB PDF of this menu.

Being located closer to a major metropolitan area, Rocky Mountain National Park, in which Longs Peak is located, received more than twice as many visitors in 1929–274,000–as Crater Lake. Today, it attracts seven times as many, and unlike Crater Lake it did not peak in the 1970s. In fact, at more than 3.2 million visitors, 2012 was a record year for the park.

Click image to see a slightly larger version of this ad.

Despite this high visitation, Union Pacific rarely featured Rocky Mountain Park in its magazine advertisements, preferring instead to emphasize Bryce and Zion even though these parks received little more than a tenth as many visitors in 1929 and less than a third as many in 1960). This is probably because UP faced the Burlington, Rock Island, and other competitors in travel to Colorado, but was only only railroad serving southern Utah.

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