You Can Help

I have a lot of rail memorabilia, but my collection is far from complete, and regrettably I can’t afford to buy everything that comes up on ebay. If you have enjoyed downloading the files posted here, I hope you will return the favor by scanning some of your own memorabilia and sending me the scans so I can post them as well.

If you wish to contribute, please scan your memorabilia in color at 300 dots per inch. If the article is too large to fit on your scanner, please overlap the scans sufficiently for me to piece them together. If the article has more pages than just a front and back, please name the scans so I can lay them out properly (such as “page1right,” “page1left,” “page2right,” etc.). Don’t worry about whether the scans are perfectly straight, as I can straighten them in photoshop.

If you would like to contribute, feel free to send me an email to make sure I haven’t already scanned a similar article for future postings.