Ogden Canyon 1934 Breakfast Menu

The Union Pacific traveled to lots of incredible sights, many of which were illustrated on this series of menus, including Bryce, Grand Canyon, the Mormon Temple, Mt. Rainer, Multnomah Falls, Old Faithful, Yosemite Falls, and Zion. Ogden Canyon, while scenic, was hardly in this class of sites, so why was it included in this series?

Click image to download a 2.6-MB PDF of this menu.

A man named Billie Wilson opened the Hermitage Hotel in the canyon in 1905, and David Eccles’ Ogden Rapid Transit company opened electric trolley service to the hotel in 1910. The trolley tracks were removed by the date of this menu and the hotel burned to the ground in 1939. One possible reason for featuring the Hermitage on this menu cover is that the investors who owned the hotel at the time were also investors in Union Pacific.

The menu cover also has the name of the train, San Francisco Limited where the UP logo is found on other menus in the series. However, I can’t find any evidence that a train of this name operated in 1934. There are ads for the San Francisco Limited dating back to 1915, and a 1929 ad describes both the San Francisco Limited and Overland Limited as all-Pullman trains. But according to Utah Rails, the two trains were combined into the San Francisco Overland Limited in 1931 due to the depression.

I don’t have a 1934 Union Pacific timetable, but a San Francisco Limited is not mentioned in either the 1933 or 1937 timetables. This makes me suspect that this menu was actually used on the San Francisco Overland Limited.

The menu itself has a “special” page glued in, covering up part of the printed menu. I can’t remove it without damaging it, so I’ll have to wait to find a similar menu without a glued-in page to scan the a la carte items.

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