Bryce Canyon Blank Menus

This menu is from the same approximate vintage as the last couple posted, but the interiors lack menus. The interior decorations–the frames around the menus and the little drawings of overland travel–are present, but no actual menus were ever printed.

Click image to download a 2.9-MB PDF of this menu blank.

The photo on this menu cover is slightly different from the 1929 Bryce menu posted here a few months ago. The photos were clearly taken from about the same location, but the angle is slightly different and the hand coloring is quite different, with a large area left uncolored to apparently represent white or grey rock. The text on the back is also slightly different, with the 1929 menu using a few more words about Union Pacific train services. These differences make me suspect that the blank menus are older than 1929.

Click image for a larger view.

The Union Pacific often featured Bryce Canyon in its magazine ads. Usually, the ads also pictured Zion and the Grand Canyon, whose North Rim was accessible by bus from UP’s Cedar City station. The above ad, which was in the May 3, 1947 Colliers magazine, is unusual in exclusively picturing Bryce.

Bryce was first made into a park in late 1928, and fewer than 30,000 people visited it in 1929. By 2012, Bryce received just under 1.4 million visitors.

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