1936 Burlington Escorted Tours

While the cover of this booklet is not as avant-garde as the 1932 edition, the four colors it uses are a bit more realistic and give a rustic feeling absent from that earlier booklet. Inside, the pages are all trimmed in either red or teal, which is a step up from 1934 when all the pages were used black printing only. As we know, Burlington’s booklets for the next several years would retain this combination of striking colors with a rustic look that eventually and unfortunately approached socialist realism.

Click image to download a 32.8-MB PDF of this 68-page booklet.

Another sign of growing prosperity is an increase in the number of tours. This booklet offers a total of 26 tours, compared with 21 in 1934. Nine of the 1936 tours are “bargain tours” with slightly stripped-down accommodations. The regular tour prices are 1 percent or so more than in 1933, when they had been discounted by more than 10 percent from 1932.

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