1934 Burlington Escorted Tours

Although the 1934 escorted tour booklet has the same number of pages as the 1932 edition, the 1934 booklet is smaller: 6″x9″ vs. 8″x10″ in 1932. Inside, the text and photographs are very similar, but the 1932 booklet was trimmed with bright colors while the 1934 version is black and white.

Click image to download a 29.5-MB PDF of this 68-page booklet.

Tour prices are about the same as in the 1933 brochure. meaning a bit more than 10 percent less than in 1932. Perhaps reflecting economic recovery, Burlington’s escorted tour booklet covers would again become bright and gaudy in a couple of years. I don’t have the full booklet for 1935, but as shown below the cover for that year used the same basic, and relatively drab, design as the one for 1934.

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