Burlington Escorted Tours 1932

This is an example of the fully illustrated booklets that were mentioned in the introductions to the 1927 and 1928 “outline sketch” versions. The 1927 edition said that the fully illustrated version was 48 pages; the 1928 edition said 56 pages. This one is 64 numbered pages plus the covers. (My page counts include covers so I consider this to be 68 pages.)

Click image to download a 42.3-MB PDF of this 68-page booklet

The extra length is needed to describe the increased number of tours. The 1927 booklet had six weekly tours plus four over the summer to Alaska, and 1928 had ten weekly plus four to Alaska. By 1932, the number had increased to 16 weekly tours in the states plus four over the summer to Seward and six to Skagway. Some of the Seward tours and all of the Skagway tours offered the option of returning via the Canadian Rockies, with overnight stays at both Lake Louise and Banff.

In addition to numerous black-and-white photos, this edition comes with many simple graphics using what a later generation would call electric colors, including electric blue, yellow, and pink. The results are daring and totally unrealistic but still quite attractive, at least in a hallucinogenic sort of way.

Click image for a larger view.

Here’s an 1932 ad inviting readers to tour Glacier and Yellowstone and add a side trip to Colorado for only $4.75 more. The ad encouraged people to send a tear-out (with “name and address written on margin below”) asking for information about Colorado, Yellowstone, Glacier, or “a carefree Escorted Tour.” No doubt anyone who checked the last would get a copy of the above booklet.

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