Burlington Escorted Tours 1927

If you had picked up a Northern Pacific Yellowstone National Park booklet in 1926 or 1927 and asked for more information about Burlington Escorted Tours, they might have given you this 16-page booklet. According to the introduction, an even longer, more-detailed booklet was available, but this one contains “outline sketches” of the escorted tours.

Click image to download a 6.1-MB PDF of this booklet.

Ten tours were offered: A. Glacer-Yellowstone ($230); B. Rocky Mountain-Yellowstone ($221); C. Yellowstone-Glacier (which seems to be A in reverse) $230); D. B in reverse ($221); S-1 & S-3. Seward, Alaska, with stops at Mt. Rainier and the Columbia River Highway ($395); S-2 and S-4. Skagway, Alaska, with stops at Mt. Rainier and the Columbia River Highway ($345); E. Black Hills-Glacier ($228); F. Rocky Mountain-Yellowstone-Glacier ($287); G. Glacier ($164); and H. Yellowstone ($164). Prices shown are from Chicago with a lower berth; multiply by 11 to convert to today’s dollars. Except for the Alaska tours, which each went only twice a summer (thus the S-1 and S-3 etc.), the tours all left Chicago or St. Louis once a week over most of the summer.

The 1925 Yellowstone booklet mentioned just two Burlington escorted tours: Glacier-Yellowstone and Yellowstone-Rocky Mountain. This booklet added Yellowstone alone and Glacier-Yellowstone-Rocky Mountain as well as several more tours that didn’t involve Yellowstone.

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