NP Yellowstone Park Tour Book

This 60-page booklet includes 55 black-and-white photos describing Yellowstone Park and the surrounding area–several featuring the Cody Gateway–as well as the trains tourists could take to reach the region. It also announces the creation of “Burlington Escorted Tours,” a joint effort of the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, and Burlington railroads.

Click image to download a 25.6-MB PDF of this booklet. Click here to download a non-OCR version.

“After a great many years of study of the needs and wishes of the great and rapidly increasing number of summer travelers drawn westward by the magnetic lure of America’s great National Parks and other scenic and recreational areas of the Rocky Mountains, and in pursuance of a time-honored practice of affording their patrons every facility and convenience tending toward more vacation and enjoyment, the Burlington Route, Northern Pacific Ry., and Great Northern Ry., have this year established a series of Escorted Tours which it is confidently believed will prove of the greatest aid and convenience to a host of western travelers vacation bent.” Whew! Try saying that out loud without pausing for breath.

We could date this booklet if only we knew what year Burlington Escorted Tours was first established. Fortunately, I have a 1928 Burlington Escorted Tours booklet, which I’ll post in a few days, which says it is the fourth season of such tours. That dates this booklet to 1925, which is also the date on one of the maps. The booklet also has an introduction from Secretary of the Interior Hubert Work, who held that post from 1923 to 1928.

For all of the hullaballoo of announcing Burlington Escorted Tours, only two tours are offered in this booklet; it’s possible that Burlington Escorted Tours offered more tours in 1925 that didn’t go to Yellowstone. Of the ones in this booklet, tour A took 15 days via the Great Northern to Glacier, then the Great Northern to Butte and (after an overnight stay) Northern Pacific to Yellowstone, exiting via Cody, taking the Burlington to Billings and the NP back east. Burlington also covers the portions between Chicago or St. Louis and St. Paul.

Tour B took 14 days via the Burlington to Denver, then a bus trip to Rocky Mountain Park, then the Burlington from Loveland to Cody, a bus tour through Yellowstone, then the NP back to St. Paul and the Burlington to Chicago or St. Louis. Each tour cost just under $220 (the 14-day tour was only $2.39 less than the 15-day tour), or roughly $2,300 in today’s dollars, including rail and bus travel, a lower berth during overnight rail trips, hotels, and meals.

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