Rocky Mountain National Park

Previously, I noted that Union Pacific published travel booklets for, among other places, Rocky Mountain National Park. I don’t have one of UP’s booklets for that park, but here is a 1924 booklet about the park from the Burlington.

Click image to download a 19.0-MB PDF of this 40-page booklet.

This booklet has nearly a dozen full-page photos and ten smaller photos, all black-and-white. In addition to the colorful covers, it has a large, fold-out map in back which unfolds once to show a map index and a second time to show the map itself. I’ve scanned and included all three views–folded, unfolded once, and fully unfolded.

In addition to a description of the park, the booklet lists hotels and other accommodations with rates. The Stanley was $6 a day and up (about $65 in today’s money); the Elkhorn Lodge was $28 to $50 a week; while the Baldpate Inn was $24 a week and up. The Elkhorn recently reopened with the help of heavy government subsidies that were supposed to make it a year-round lodge, but in fact it is closed for the season this winter.

The Burlington 1924 booklet is presumably very similar to a 1922 booklet with the same cover but published by the Colorado and Southern, a Burlington subsidiary. I don’t have this booklet but found the cover on the web site of an Estes Park memorabilia dealer. The dealer also recently sold the 1915 Colorado & Southern booklet pictured below.

For good measure, here is the cover of the 1929 edition, several copies of which are for sale on ebay. Judging from the sample pages, it is much like the above 1924 booklet.

Finally, here is the cover of the 1923 Union Pacific booklet for Rocky Mountain National Park, this one for sale from the same Estes Park dealer mentioned above. As far as I can tell, Union Pacific didn’t publish any Rocky Mountain booklets in the embossed-cover, map-on-cover, or color-photo series, instead wrapping the park into its Colorado booklets.

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