Glacier Park Blotter

This blotter advertising Glacier National Park was distributed by the Burlington Route. While many blotters are printed in only one or two colors, this one has a beautiful, four-color image of St. Mary’s Lake with Going to the Sun Mountain in the background, Going to the Sun Chalet in the middle ground and the Launch St. Mary in the foreground.

Click image to download a PDF of this blotter.

The blotter offers tourists a great bargain: a trip to Yellowstone costs only $4.75 more than a trip to Glacier Park alone, and a side trip to Colorado Springs after that costs nothing. Of course, this refers to rail costs only; hotels, food, and buses are extra.

Click image to download a PDF of this postcard.

Here is a postcard showing a closer view of the now-heavily laden boat, the St. Mary, with Going to the Sun Mountain in the background and the chalet above and to the left of the boat. Before the completion of the Going to the Sun Highway, this and other boats were an important way of getting around the park. A boat called Little Chief is still available for tourists who want to see St. Mary Lake up close and personal. Since the Going to the Sun Highway opened in 1932, I’d date both the blotter and the postcard to the 1920s or, at the latest, 1931.

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