Burlington Escorted Tours 1939

For 1939, Burlington replaced the beautiful, four-color cover on its 1938 tour booklet with this somewhat harsh cover of mainly orange and blue that focuses more on the people rather than scenery. Inside, the booklet offers 29 different tours. Tours that take place entirely on the Burlington Route are numbered 1 through 8 (with, for some reason, no number 5). Tours that use the GN, NP, or other roads are designated with a letter, A through P (with, for some reason, no F).

Click image to download a 52.1-MB PDF of this booklet.

There are also tours that give travelers the option of going from the Twin Cities to the Northwest on either GN or NP. These have a two-letter code: FG or FN, for Pacific Northwest; RG or RN for a tour to Seward, Alaska; and TG or TN for a tour to Skagway, Alaska. All of these tours return on the Canadian Pacific. The GN tours stop at Glacier, but rather than stopping at Yellowstone the NP tours stop at Mt. Rainier. Finally, one more tour has a two-letter code: tour DC, which has the same destinations as tour D but stays longer at some of those destinations and so lasts two days longer than D.

Page 46 also offers seven combination tours that basically put two of the other tours together back-to-back, save for the travel days to and from Chicago or St. Louis. For example, tour C is 12 days; tour M is 21 days; combine them together for a 26-day tour CM.

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