Burlington Escorted Tours 1940

Burlington’s 1940 tour book had this illustration of Mt. Rainier on the cover. The booklet offered 21 luxury tours including the usual trips to national parks, the Canadian Rockies, California, the Pacific Northwest, and Alaska.

Click image to download a 49.6-MB PDF of this booklet.

The booklet also describes three bargain tours to California, one via Glacier going and Colorado returning; one via Yellowstone going and the Grand Canyon returning; and one via Colorado going and the Grand Canyon returning. In addition, the brochure mentions bargain tours to Colorado and the Black Hills and invites readers to write for special brochures about those tours.

California tour O is almost identical to bargain tour S except for being 14 days long instead of 13. For one person in a lower berth, tour O costs $230 from Chicago (about $3,000 in today’s dollars) while tour S costs $153 (about $2,000). That works out to $214 per day vs. $154 per day in today’s dollars. While the bargain rates still sound high to me, they are clearly a lot more affordable.

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