Burlington Escorted Tours 1941

For 1941, Burlington Escorted Tours offered 36 different tours, including many tours combining two or more destinations such as Glacier, Yellowstone, the Pacific Northwest, California, and the Canadian Rockies. To fit all these tours in the booklet, it is 8 pages longer than the 1939 and 1940 booklets.

Click image to download a 59.4-MB PDF of this booklet.

A few of them are labeled as “bargain tours,” meaning they use tourist sleepers instead of Pullmans. However, some that use tourist sleepers aren’t called bargain tours, and some that are genuine bargains aren’t called that, nor do they seem to use tourist sleepers.

Most of the tours that use Pullmans cost about $18 to $20 per night, including meals, transportation, and sleeping accommodations (lower berth). Colorado Bargain Tour 8 is only $11.64 per night, while Colorado Tour 3 (not labeled a bargain tour) is $12.22 per night. California Bargain Tour S is $13.11 per night; its itinerary is fairly similar to California Tour O, which is $18.58 per night.

Tours WG and WN use tourist sleepers but at $15.15 per night their cost is midway between the bargain and full tours. The most expensive tour per night, perhaps because it is the shortest, is Yellowstone Tour J, at $23.49 per night. Multiply these prices by at least 12 to get today’s dollars.

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