Re-discover the Romance of Train Travel

In 1965, Canadian Pacific still advertised train travel to families using a 16-page brochure originally designed when the streamlined Canadian was introduced in in the mid-1950s. But it also took advantage of the sexual revolution to advertise the “romance of train travel” using this photo of a beautiful young couple making bedroom eyes at one another across a dining car table. The brochure folds out to the equivalent of six 7-1/2×9-inch pages that emphasize the “complete privacy, day and night” offered by roomettes, duplex roomettes, and bedrooms, as well as the “completely private lower and upper berths by night” for “budget travel.”

Click image to download a 7.1-MB PDF of this brochure.

Unfortunately, this modern message is lost in the rest of the brochure, which reprints the same Hedley Rainnie interior illustrations that had been used to introduce the streamlined trains eleven years before. These are not only filled with hairstyles and clothes that were clearly outdated by 1965, they rely on 1954 social mores that show just one person to a roomette and couples bedding down in bunk beds in bedrooms (with the woman on the lower bed while the man gallantly takes the upper) or sleeping in separate, perpendicular beds in a drawing room. Someone should have sent a memo to Canadian Pacific that separate beds are not romantic.

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