The Canadian Brochure

This brochure isn’t dated, but it is more recent than the previous one, which was issued before the train was inaugurated. The Nicholas Morant photo of the train on Stoney Creek Bridge dates this one from after the inauguration. Probably not long after, however, as the brochure contains no other photos, just the same Hedley Rainnie illustrations as in the previous one (less the picture of the train with two Skyline domes).

Click image to download a 3.3-MB PDF of this brochure.

Most of the Rainnie illustrations are about 4.75″x3.5″ in the previous brochure and 3.5″x2.125″ in this smaller version. A sale of some of Rainnie’s original illustrations, shown below, indicates that they were done on 25″x19.75″ boards.

Rainnie’s illustration of the Skyline lounge shows a painting on the wall that wasn’t actually found in the real lounge–instead, that wall had a framed map of Canada. Similarly, Rainnie’s portrayal of murals in the observation lounge did not match the actual murals in any of the cars.

Rainnie’s dining car illustration shows the starlight effect created by punching small holes in the ceiling panel, an effect Budd also used on the lounges in Santa Fe’s dome cars. As near as I can tell, this is the only illustration in the brochures that Rainnie signed.

The illustration of the observation car accurately shows the pattern in the curtains. Photos of one of the real cars show a slightly different color scheme–a brown door and trim instead of aqua–but the cars probably didn’t all have the same colors.


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  1. The poor guy’s name actually was Hedley, like Hedley Lamar, of “Blazing Saddles” fame? He must have spent half hislife in fistfights over that name. 🙂


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