Lake Louise Menu

Featuring Lake Louise on the cover, this menu, like the previous two, was used on a Great Lakes steamship, in this case the same Assiniboia as in day-before-yesterday’s menu. While yesterday’s menu was for dinner, this and the previous Assiniboia menus were for lunch.

Click image to download a 1.3-MB PDF of this menu.

The table d’hôte menus are unpriced indicating the price of the food was in the fare. All three offer Lake Superior fish, apparently as a course separate from the main entrée, which was a choice between (in this case) loin steak, pineapple chicken, and breaded sweetbreads. Yesterday’s dinner menu, in contrast, offered prime rib, Canadian ham, or roast duck, while the other lunch menu had grilled ham, steak-and-kidney pie, veal fricassee, or chicken omelette. In other words, dinners weren’t much different from lunches. All meals came with appetizers, soup, salad, potatoes, dessert, and beverage.

Below is a film someone made of trips aboard the Assiniboia and Keewatin.

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