Jasper National Park: 1948

This 44-page booklet (plus fold-out map) makes a more sophisticated use of color than pre-war advertising such as the 1940 Quebec booklet. First, it has nine full-color photos including the photos on the front and back covers. Second, pages with black-and-white photos are highlighted with solid colors that aren’t always yellow or cyan: some are green, and at least two pages have green and one other color, either cyan or yellow. There are even some four-color illustrations on pages 27 and 35.

Click image to download a 35.6-MB PDF of this 46-page brochure.

This is slightly more advanced that Canadian Pacific’s 1948 booklet about the Rockies. That booklet uses color photos but all highlights are either magenta or cyan.

The booklet includes a large fold-out map. One side shows Jasper National Park and the other side shows the bungalows, central building, and other features that make up Jasper Park Lodge. This map was also in the 1940 edition as well as the 1958 edition although, in the later case, not as a fold-out.

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