Jasper National Park, 1940

This is a 52-page booklet with a fold-out map on the inside back cover. The front cover photo wraps around to the back, so I elected to put both the front and the back on the same spread. The fold-out map has Jasper National Park on one side and the area around Jasper Park Lodge on the other.

Click image to download a 32.1-MB PDF of this booklet.

In addition to the cover, the booklet has seven color photos which, by-lines promise, are “natural color” pictures. That may be true, but the photo on page 20 looks heavily retouched, possibly just to clean up the automobile.

No doubt such a clean-up was needed, as the color photos reveal that most if not all of the roads in the park are gravel or dirt. That would not only make for dusty rides but rather bumpy ones since the mountain roads would inevitably develop washboarding.

The rest of the photos are black-and-white, but CN was stingy even with those. The second half of the booklet includes 14 pages of pure text relieved only by a half page of photos. This text details all of the things that could be done in the park, including one- to four-day tours.

All of these tours are, in fact, just day-trips from Jasper Park Lodge, with overnight stays in the lodge every night. The one-day (and one-night) tour was $13 ($170 in today’s dollars) for one person with a shared bath; a second person in the same room was another $12 ($160). The four-day, four-night tour was $55.50 ($730) for one person and $51.50 ($675) for a second person in the same room. All tour prices included food, lodging, and motor trips.

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