Santa Fe June 1969 Timetable

After being shrunk down to six pages in the July, 1968 timetable, this 1969 timetable is back up to the equivalent of eight pages. But all of the train schedules fit on just three pages. Nearly one-and-a-half pages are devoted to bus connections or unnecessarily repetitive timetables (such as timetable 4 devoted to the San Francisco Chief when that train is already listed on timetables 1 and 2). Despite the extra space, this timetable (unlike the February, 1968 edition) didn’t list fares.

Click image to download a 6.0-MB PDF of this timetable.

Amazingly, the Tulsan and La Junta-Denver connections, which had been up for discontinuance for more than a year, were still on the timetable, though marked for possible termination at any time. Phoenix and the Grand Canyon were now served exclusively by buses. There’s no indication that the Santa Fe was considering discontinuing any other trains, and all of the other trains on the timetable, including the Tulsan, survived until Amtrak.

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