Santa Fe February 1968 Timetable

This condensed timetable unfolds to be 32 inches wide, the equivalent of 8 pages of a regular 8″-by-9″ timetable. It contains schedules of major trains and a few buses, sample fares, and a brief list of ticket agents, but no station index.

Click image to download a 5.6-MB PDF of this timetable.

Two pages are devoted to the four Chicago-California trains: Super Chief & El Capitan (which have different names but the same schedule and train numbers), Chief, Grand Canyon (which not only no longer went to the Grand Canyon, it didn’t even arrive in Williams a a convenient time for passengers to take a bus to the canyon), and San Francisco Chief, plus three daily San Diegans, and a train from La Junta to Denver. Another page shows Chicago-Kansas City-Texas trains. Finally, a timetable shows trains connecting Houston and Dallas with California via up to seven different trains. No other trains are shown and presumably have all been abandoned. Ominously, the Chief, Grand Canyon, Kansas City Chief, Kansas Citian, Chicagoan, the Kansas City-Tulsa Tulsan, and the five connecting trains between Houston and Clovis, NM are all marked with “Note A” indicating that the railway has petitioned to discontinue their operation and they could stop operating as soon as permission to do so has been granted.

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