Santa Fe July 1968 Condensed Timetable

As noted yesterday, in early 1968 Santa Fe was seeking permission to discontinue many of the interstate trains still on its timetable. By the time of this July timetable, the Chief was gone, as was the Chicago-Kansas City trains and the Houston-Clovis trains. The Grand Canyon still hung on, but lost its name and is only identified as trains 23 & 24.

Click image to download a 4.5-MB PDF of this timetable.

Due to these discontinuances, the timetable is only the equivalent of six pages long. Besides 23 & 24, what remains are the Super ChiefEl Capitan, San Francisco Chief, Texas Chief, three San Diegans, the Tulsan, La Junta-Denver, and daily trains between Williams and Phoenix and Williams to the Grand Canyon that didn’t appear on the February timetable. The dreaded “Note A” indicating permission is sought to discontinue is applied to the Tulsan, the Williams-Phoenix and Williams-Grand Canyon trains, and the La Junta-Denver connections.

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