1948 Sun Valley Breakfast Menu

Dated June 18, 1948, this menu shows two skiers instead of one and provides a somewhat closer view of the Sun Valley resort. The menu itself is for an “American Express Banner Tour,” and offers a complete meal with a limited selection of entrĂ©es for $1.50.

Click image to download a 1.1-MB PDF of this menu.

American Express tours competed directly with Union Pacific’s own escorted tours. According to a Buffalo newspaper ad, the 14-day “Banner West tour” went to Colorado, Grand Canyon, New Mexico Indian country, Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Francisco, the Columbia River, and the Canadian Rockies. The quoted price of “$317 and up” included transportation from Buffalo but apparently did not include all meals.

Union Pacific’s 14-day tours didn’t try to reach so many places in one trip. I don’t have a 1948 Union Pacific tour price list, but prices in the 1942 guide were quite a bit lower (starting from Chicago but including all meals) while the prices in the 1952 guide were higher.


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