Summer Tours–1952 Season

Although UP adopted a smaller colored-photo format for its regional tour guides as early as 1948, as shown yesterday the Summer Tours booklets retained the larger format at least through 1950. However, this 1952 booklet uses the smaller format.

Click image to download a 19.5-MB PDF of this 64-page booklet.

The booklet redundantly lists two 8-day tours of Yellowstone, the only difference between them being that one starts on Saturdays and the other on Sundays. There is also an 8-day tour of Rocky Mountain Park and Colorado Springs; a 9-day tour of Yellowstone and Grand Teton; a 10-day tour of Yellowstone and Colorado Springs; a 12-day tour of Southern Utah parks; a 13-day tour of Yellowstone and Southern Utah parks; a 13-day tour of California; and a 15-day tour of California and old Mexico (meaning Tijuana). The Pacific Northwest and Alaska are once again left out, just as they were in the 1927 season.

The 8-day tours start at $204 (one has a coach option for about $40 less). The 15-day tour is $365. A 13-day “Bargain California” tour in coach is just $234. Multiply by seven to get today’s dollars.

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