Summer Tours: 1942 1941 Season

The C&NW/UP Department of Tours offered 15 different tours in 1941. (Update: I originally listed this for the 1942 season, but it is for 1941.) These included a 7-day tour to Colorado, 7-, 8-, and 9-day tours to Yellowstone, 10- and 11-day tours to Yellowstone and Colorado, a 14-day tour to Yellowstone and Southern Utah; 8- and 11-day tours to Southern Utah, 13- and 14-day tours to California, a 20-day Southern Utah/California tour, a 13-day Pacific Northwest tour, and a 19-day PNW-Alaska tour.

Click image to download a 36.1-MB PDF of this 68-page booklet.

This is one of the longest Summer Tours booklets yet, with 25 color and numerous black-and-white photos on 68 pages. Tour prices range from $95 for the 7-day Colorado tour to $315 for the 19-day Alaska-PNW tour (multiply by about 11 to get today’s dollars). The 7-day Colorado tour only offered a $12 discount for people willing to travel in air-conditioned coaches rather than sleeping cars. Apparently, the Department of Tours didn’t imagine that people able to afford the longer tours would be willing to travel coach as that option wasn’t available for other tours.

The booklets for specific regions, such as California and Yellowstone, had new covers only four or five times between 1920 and 1970. But the Summer Tours booklets had new covers every year before 1942. Below are a few other covers; click on them to go to a page featuring that booklet. See the UP Booklets PDF page and scroll down to Escorted Tour Booklets and Brochures for a complete list.

Probably the 1934 season.

Probably the 1937 season.

1938 season.

1939 season.

1950 season.

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