1934 Summer Tours

This is the 1934 edition of Union Pacific/Chicago & North Western’s annual booklet of escorted tours. This one came with a small card glued to the front that read, “For 1935 vacation season, we will operate the same tours as are shown herein, also a few additional tours.” I’ve included this card as pages 2 and 3 of this booklet. I count eight distinct tours in the 1934 edition but twelve in the 1935, though many of the extra tours are only minor variations of some of the basic eight.

Click image to download a 38.6-MB PDF of this 60-page booklet.

The cover of this edition is rather plain compared with the 1932 version, but at least as dignified as the 1927 edition. It is certainly not as salacious as the 1931 edition.

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