M-10001 Booklet

We’ve seen a 1934 brochure featuring the M-10000 given out at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair, and another 1934 brochure given out after that fair that mentioned that, “A second train, incorporating sleeping cars, is under construction.” When delivered, that train, the M-10001 with a 900-HP Diesel engine, went on a record-setting, 57-hour run from Los Angeles to New York. This brochure must have been given out on that run and a subsequent tour of the country.

Click image to download an 3.5-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

The cover and a builder’s photo on page 3 show exterior views of the M-10001. Most of the interior photos, however, are of the M-10000, but show features found on both trains. The lack of photos of the M-10001 in operation suggests the otherwise undated booklet was published in late 1934. Unlike the M-10000 brochures, which featured yellow, brown, and red images of the train, this one is limited to black-and-white photos. In June, 1935, the train–with one more car and a power-car modified to include a larger, 1,200-HP, Diesel engine–was placed in service as the City of Portland.

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