Expanding the M-10000

After sending the M-10000 on a tour of the country, the Union Pacific exhibited the train at the Chicago “Century of Progress” fair. For the exhibit, the railroad added one more car, the “Overland Trail,” a Pullman sleeper with 10 sections, a compartment, and a double bedroom.

For those not familiar with Pullman sleeping accommodations, sections are open seats during the day that make into upper and lower curtained-off beds at night. The compartment and double bedroom are private rooms with two beds; the main difference being that in the compartment, the beds are parallel to the tracks while the bedroom beds are perpendicular to the tracks. These are illustrated in the “Progress” brochure, which the railroad distributed to patrons of the fair. As before, parts of the brochure will appear upside down because it was printed to be folded.

Click on the image to download a 7.3-MB PDF of the entire brochure.

Because of the smaller profile of the M-10000, the beds in the sections were necessarily narrower than in a standard Pullman car. In particular, the cars tapered from bottom to top, so upper berths especially had to be narrower than regular Pullman berths. Berths in a standard Pullman are about as wide as twin beds and can easily sleep two if they are very good friends. After the Overland Trail was placed into revenue service, agents selling tickets were cautioned to warn people that the beds would probably not be big enough for two.

After the fair, the Union Pacific put the train, less the Overland Trail, into daytime service between Kansas City and Salinas, Kansas, renaming it the City of Salinas.

The Overland Trail, meanwhile, was transferred to the M-10001, which became the City of Portland, operating between Portland and Chicago on a 39-3/4-hour schedule. This six-car train, powered by a 900-HP Diesel engine, included a diner/lounge car, three sleeping cars capable of accommodating 64 passengers, and a single coach with 54 seats. Note that the locomotive shell is nearly identical to the M-10000, but has a yellow face for better visibility. I’ll have more on this train later.

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