1931 Summer Tours

For 1931, Union Pacific elected to replace a color photo with this painting of horseback riders enjoying travel through what appears to be the Colorado mountains. This choice is questionable as I’m not sure I would send a teenage daughter on a trip to be leered at by crusty cowboys. (To be fair, a close look suggests that the male rider is looking at his hands, where he appears to be rolling a cigarette, but that’s not obvious at first glance.)

Click image to download an 29.1-MB PDF of this 52-page booklet. A 4.7-MB version is also available from archive.org.

Both this booklet and yesterday’s 1930 edition include several “natural color photos” as opposed to the colored lithographs of black-and-white photos found in the 1920s booklets. Curiously, only two color photos are found in both the 1930 and 1931 editions: Zion’s Great White Throne and the Grand Canyon photo that was on the cover of the 1930 booklet. The two booklets each contain different images of Old Faithful, Mammoth Hot Springs, Yellowstone Falls, as well as Bryce, Zion, Yosemite, and Rocky Mountain parks.

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