Summer Tours–1932 Season

Despite the Depression, by 1932 the C&NW/UP Department of Tours was offering nine escorted tours that could last anywhere from nine to twenty-four days including travel time from and to Chicago. The booklet describing these tours includes more than twenty color photos, many of which also appear in the other booklets.

Click image to download a 24.6-MB PDF of this 52-page booklet.

Most important, the booklet provides detailed itineraries and costs of each of the tours. As shown in the table below, the tours are identified by code letters. The inside-back cover of the booklet has a pull-out form that can be used to make reservations on one of these tours. Simply circle the code letters for the tour you want, add your name and address, and check some boxes regarding accommodations and you are ready to go.

Union Pacific 1932 Escorted Tours

TourWhere ToDaysCostCost in 2013 $
YRGYellowstone-Royal Gorge121872,617
YRYellowstone-Rocky Mountain121962,745
YZYellowstone-Zion-Bryce-Grand Canyon152523,531
ZZion-Bryce-Grand Canyon91902,653
ZRGZion-Bryce-Grand Canyon-Royal Gorge132203,075
PNWRainier-Jasper-Banff-Lake Louise142563,583
CCalifornia-Old Mexico-Yosemite152813,935
APNW-Alaska-Canada Rockies244065,683

The prices in the table are for a single occupant in a lower berth and include transportation from Chicago and all meals and overnight costs in national park rustic lodges. The cost is slightly more for overnights in national park hotels and even greater for hotel rooms with baths. The all-inclusive costs average about $18 per day, or about $250 in today’s money. Add a couple of dollars per day for rooms with a private bath.

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