1934 Orange Groves Breakfast Menu

Since 2014, I’ve had a tradition of posting new Union Pacific menus beginning around August 1. Last August, I lamented that I had been able to acquire only five new menus in the previous year. Since then, I’ve found nine new ones (plus two previously shown). I’m not certain my collection has enough items to keep up daily postings until next August, so I will post these menus between now and the end of the year.

Click image to download a 2.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The rather dark photograph on the cover of this menu shows the same scene as the orange groves photo used on UP’s post-war menus with the unfortunate foreground addition of a palm tree, just in case anyone didn’t catch that oranges only grow in warm climates. The outside cover was printed in June, 1934, but the menu inside was printed in October. The back cover has a photo of Avalon Bay on Catalina Island.

So far as I have seen, these Art Nouveau menus are either marked for the Los Angeles Limited, UP’s premiere train, or do not mention a train name. This LA Limited menu offers a wide variety of sumptuous breakfasts, ranging from fruit and cereal with bread and beverage for 50 cents to breakfast steak and mushrooms with fruit, cereal, bread, and beverage for $1 (multiply by 18 to get today’s dollars). A “plain steak” a la carte cost 50 cents but a sirloin steak was $1.25. In addition to coffee and hot cocoa, teas included Japan, Ceylon, English breakfast, Formosa oolong, and blended, any of which would be “drawn to order” for 20 cents.

The menu notes, “For additional items available, please see special slip attached.” Alas, no special slip was included with this menu.

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