UP 1934 Old Faithful Lunch Menu

This Art Nouveau menu offers “luncheon” on the Los Angeles Limited, Union Pacific’s then-premiere train. The left side of the menu is a la carte, while the right side lists beverages. This is similar to other Los Angeles Limited dinner menus, but I suspect a table d’hôte menu was printed on light paper and glued or clipped into the menu.

Click image to download a 2.2-MB PDF of this menu.

The cover photo is attributed to Haynes, which–according to the Park Service–means Frank J. Haynes rather than his son, Jack Ellis Haynes, who took over the photography business when Frank retired in 1916. The Park Service also dates this photo to 1920, but that is unlikely as the photo was clearly used as the source of the cover art on this 1916 publication. The original black-and-white photo was probably taken around 1910, but even that is just an guesstimate.

At least through 1930, the Art Nouveau series of menus had black-and-white photos on the back. But by 1934, the back cover photo was also in color, in this case showing a photo of Upper Yellowstone Falls that is also attributed to Haynes. I can’t find the original black-and-white photo that was used as the source of this lithograph, but it was probably also taken by Frank Haynes.

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