Union Pacific 1927 Temple Square Menu

Today is the fifth anniversary of the birth of Streamliner Memories. For the last several years, I’ve celebrated this anniversary by posting any Union Pacific menus I’ve acquired in the last year. Unfortunately, this year I only have five new ones, plus some more with covers similar to those already posted but different menus on the inside.

Click image to download a 2.9-MB PDF of this menu.

This particular menu shows Salt Lake City’s Temple Square. The menu was used for breakfast on a Kappa Delta sorority trip. The regular breakfast menu is on page 2, and it is overlayed with an insert that has “special” menu items. I’ve presented both pages here (which means page 3 is shown twice to maintain appropriate pagination).

Since 2012, I’ve posted at least 2,260 PDFs of railroad-related items. This includes 564 from Union Pacific, 429 from Great Northern, 243 Northern Pacific, 214 Santa Fe, 179 Southern Pacific, 115 Canadian Pacific, and at least 25 each from Rio Grande, Milwaukee Road, Canadian National, Rock Island, Chicago & North Western, Baltimore & Ohio, and SP&S. There are more menus than anything else, at 447, plus 422 postcards, 301 booklets, 271 blotters, 246 brochures, and various other items.

This may be the last complete year of daily postings. I’ve scanned everything in my collection except some large calendars and maps, perfect bound books, and a few copyrighted items, and have enough scans to last through mid-January. After that it will depend on whether I acquire more or have the energy to try to do decent scans of overly large or tightly bound items.

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