Western Pacific 1959 Timetable

Western Pacific didn’t have a lot of branch lines, and didn’t run passenger trains on any of them after World War II. So it’s main train before 1949 was the Exposition Flyer and after 1949 the California Zephyr. But it also purchased a couple of Budd RDCs that it ran three days a week on the route of the California Zephyr, mainly for the benefit of employees.

Click image to download a 5.2-MB PDF of this eight-page timetable.

The Zephyrette, as the RDCs were called, ran for about ten years from September 15, 1950 to October 2, 1960. This timetable devotes a whole page to the Chicago-San Francisco schedule of the California Zephyr, but also has a half-page timetable showing the CZ and Zephyrette between Oakland and Salt Lake City. In addition to having many more flagstops, the Zephyrette was timed to serve many communities in daylight that the CZ reached only at night.

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