Vista-Dome Views: 1955

We’ve previously seen a 1949 edition of the California Zephyr‘s along-the-way booklet. The basic site-by-site text is the same with the addition of scheduled times, both eastbound and westbound, at each of the cities or sites.

Click image to download a 5.0-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

The 1955 booklet manages to fit the same guide in about two-thirds of the space (16 half pages instead of 12 full pages), mainly by using fewer and smaller graphics. The 1955 booklet also manages to squeeze in a guide to taking photos from the dome cars, including a recommendation that those shooting color photos use a CC30-R filter plus a no. 85 daylight filter for those shooting Kodachrome. Such filters are still available today, but the same results can be obtained using Photoshop.

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