The California Zephyr by Budd

While most name-train booklets are aimed at attracting passengers, this one is aimed at selling passenger cars. The booklet provides details about the fine points of such things as Budd’s disc brakes, which weighed 1,000 pounds less per car than regular clasp brakes and could stop a 160-ton car going 100 miles per hour in 2,500 feet.

Click image to download a 25.4-MB PDF of this 32-page booklet.

Having won the case against the Pullman monopoly, Budd could now compete in the market for sleeping cars and this booklet makes much of the fact that each California Zephyr train set had five sleepers in three different configurations. Three of the cars were 10-and-6s, meaning ten roomettes and six double bedrooms, a configuration made popular by Budd.

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