Introducing RDC-1 (and -2 & -3)

In 1949, Budd once again proved itself the most innovating passenger railcar manufacturer with the introduction of the Rail Diesel Car. RDCs were updated versions of the motorcars made early in the century, but after World War II, no other manufacturers were offering such vehicles.

Click image to download a 10.8-MB PDF of this 16-page booklet.

Aside from stainless steel, the RDC had numerous technological advances over the early motorcars. These included Diesel power, a torque converter transmission, disc brakes, and anti-wheel slip protection.

While the cover advertises the 90-passenger RDC-1, the booklet has drawings of the RDC-2 and RDC-3, which had baggage compartments and fewer seats than the -1. Budd probably had a working model of just the RDC-1 when the booklet was printed so focused on that. As previously noted, Budd eventually built 382 RDCs, making it a major success for the company.

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