California Zephyr 1964 Timetable

Of the three railroads that shared the California Zephyr, Western Pacific was the only one that, after 1960, published a timetable exclusively for that train. This was for the very good reason that, while both Burlington and Rio Grande operated many other passenger trains, the CZ was WP’s only passenger train after the Zephyrette was cancelled in October, 1960Since this timetable is from after 1960, the Zephyrette doesn’t appear.

Click image to download a 5.5-MB PDF of this 8-page timetable.

Although the timetable itself comfortably fits on one page, Western Pacific managed to fill eight pages, the same as the 1959 timetable that included the Zephyrette. A large map covers one-and-a-half pages, and ads for WP freight trains occupy a similar area. Two full pages of color photos of the “most talked about train in America” are spread across the front and back covers. One more page is “general information” and finally there is a page listing Western Pacific agents across the country–again, mainly for freight.

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