California Zephyr 1965 Timetable

Here’s the 1965 edition of yesterday’s timetable. Except for the cover date, six of the eight pages in the two timetables are identical in almost every respect. The page listing Western Pacific agents is different as some of the agent names and addresses have changed.

Click image to download a 5.4-MB PDF of this 8-page timetable.

The biggest change, however, is the full-page ad for WP freight services on page 6. Neither ad is very effective. The 1964 ad tries to say that, because WP is smaller than it’s competitors, it tries harder to save customers’ money–but the headline phrase, “distribution savings,” doesn’t say it very well. The 1965 ad says that Western Pacific was “first among railroads to adopt a Marketing concept” without ever saying what that concept was. Whatever it was, no one likes to think they are being manipulated by a marketing concept.

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