Pacific Northwest/Alaska 1929 Tours

Burlington Escorted Tours published a 68-page booklet (including covers) for 1929, but only two of those pages dealt with Alaska. The booklet advised people interesting in going to that territory to “Ask for special Alaska booklet giving full details and day-to-day itinerary.” The two pages that covered the Northwest also advised, “We have a handsome booklet devoted exclusively to these American Wonderland Tours.” Here is that booklet.

Click image to download a 14.4-MB PDF of this 36-page booklet.

This booklet has a handsome cover, yet only one of the three images shown are from the Pacific Northwest or Alaska. On the left is Multnomah Falls in the Pacific Northwest. On the right is Glacier Park. And in the lower center are some Indians meeting a train, which judging from their dress is almost certainly at the Glacier Park station. Inside are eighteen black-and-white photos, but only four are of Alaska and seven of the Northwest.

Although the Alaska Railroad had been completed in 1923, none of the Alaska tours went to Fairbanks or Mt. McKinley or, in fact, anywhere inland except to Lake Bennett from Skagway on the White Pass & Yukon Route. Apparently, most of what would become the 49th state in 30 years was still a mystery even to tour operators.

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