Burlington Escorted Tours for 1930

We’ve seen this cover before, with slightly different colors, on the 1932 booklet, but it is very different from the 1929 version. The page count is the same as the 1929 edition, but the size of the booklet has grown from 6″x9″ to nearly 7-3/4″x10-1/2″.

Click image to download a 48.5-MB PDF of this 68-page booklet.

Inside, the general format is the same but everything was rearranged between 1930 and 1932. The maps and psychedelically colored graphics are the same, and most of the tours are about the same, but the tours are presented in a different order, page arrangements vary, and lots of the photographs are different.

This is one of those booklets that makes my PDF maker go crazy. At 300 pixels per inch, the PDF was well over 200 megabytes. By reducing color images to 275 ppi, the size was reduced to a more manageable but still large 49 megabytes. I have no idea what causes this problem.

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