Great Northern 1965 Annual Report

The cover photo of this report is almost identical to a black-and-white photo on page 7 of the 1964 report. The two photos were obviously taken the same day as the piggy-back trailers are in exactly the same spot. The clouds have moved a bit while the photographer switched from color to black-and-white film (probably just switching cameras on the tripod). The man in the lower right of the photo is also in the 1964 photo having moved only slightly, showing that he was posing for the camera.

Click image to download an 14.1-MB PDF of this 28-page report.

Amazingly, considering the nationwide decline in passenger traffic elsewhere, passenger revenue grew again in 1965, as it had in 1964 and 1962. The report says the GN bought four coaches and a diner from another railroad that was discontinuing passenger trains and used them to replace older cars on the Great Northern’s roster. Still no photos of passenger trains anywhere in the report.

Click image to download a 9.3-MB PDF of this 20-page report.

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