Great Northern October 1966 Timetable

This is my favorite Great Northern timetable cover as it shows the Empire Builder in all its glory passing by mountains in Glacier National Park. It also shows that you can’t see much of those mountains, even from the dome car, because they are mostly obscured by trees.

Click image to download an 18.1-MB PDF of this timetable.

Though GN has shed many of its local trains by 1966, this timetable is still 28 pages long and still printed on a higher quality paper than used for most railroad timetables. The railway put this photo on the cover of only two of its timetables, for April 1966 and October 1966. The timetable for October 1965 through April 1966 used the dark blue cover with a drawing of the Western Star and Empire Builder passing one another. In 1967, GN began using Big Sky Blue on its timetable covers.

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