Great Northern 1965 Route Map

Except for the cover and the colors, this along-the-way map is almost identical to the 1967 Big Sky Blue version presented here a little more than a year ago. The changes, of course, reflect the change in GN’s color scheme; the soft browns of the 1965 version are probably homage to the Empire Builder‘s Ranch Car.

Click image to download an 6.4-MB PDF of this brochure. Click here for an OCR version (6.0-MB).

I like blue, but the simplified Big Sky Blue color scheme failed to match the sophistication of the streamlined Empire Builder‘s orange-and-green colors, with yellow pinstripes (plus one white pinstripe) and the highly original Empire Builder font. Similarly, the cover of this 1965 map suggests a gorgeous trip through America’s adventure land, while the stark white 1967 cover failed to show anything but corporate branding with a slightly altered version (only the G in Great was changed) of the Helvetica font.

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