West Goes to Palm Springs

This edition of West is undated and offers few clues about its date. The back cover photo is identical to the front cover photo of a 1940 issue, which seems tacky but also hints that some time must have passed. Contrary to that, some of the interior photos are black-and-white, while later editions are all-color. I’ll soon post issues from December, 1941 and January, 1942, eliminating those dates as possibilities. Perhaps this came out in December, 1940, though that would be just a month or so after the issue with the front-cover Palm Springs photo.

Click image to download a 6.9-MB PDF of this brochure.

In addition to photos, the inside has an oblique aerial map of Palm Springs showing major resorts and hotels. It certainly is a lot bigger today. In 1940, it had 3,400 people; today it has 47,000. Air conditioning helps.


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