West by Northwest

This is another undated issue of West, but it does say that the Beaver is a popular train to which SP will add more streamlined cars “this summer.” Since a previous edition informed us that the Beaver began operating in June, 1940, this one probably came out in the spring of 1941.

Click image to download a 5.7-MB PDF of this brochure.

Although Portland’s skyline looks a lot different now, you can still see it and Mt. Hood from several spots in the West Hills. Inside, photos show Crater Lake, Timberline Lodge, the Columbia Gorge, the Portland Rose Festival, Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Vancouver, and Victoria. The back cover has photos of Southern Pacific’s all-Pullman Cascade (actually, photos of the Coast Daylight portraying the Cascade) and economy Beaver.


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  1. I am surprised to see the SP apparently painted stainless steel streamlined cars in Pullman cars. I assume it was an attempt to match the color of the other heavyweight cars in the Beaver. I’ve seen pictures of other SP trains from this era carrying a mix f Pulman green heavyweights and unpainted stainless steel cars. It wasn’t going to be more than a year tops before all the heavyweights were gone from the Beaver anyway so why go to this extra expense? Stripping all the paint from a stainless steel car must have been a difficult and expensive process. It’s an interesting comment on how important it was to the SP in 1940 that their trains all have cars with a similar look paint scheme to have done this.

    Regards, Jim

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