1933 Summer Tours

Whereas the 1932 edition of the summer tours booklet had a natural color photo of the Great White Throne on its cover, the 1933 cover is undecorated by any photos or illustrations. Inside, many of the tours are the same, but the 1933 booklet makes no mention of tours to Alaska or the Pacific Northwest, probably because these were covered in a separate booklet.

Click image to download an 31.6-MB PDF of this booklet.

Inside, the table of contents page of both booklets brag that the natural color photographs “tell the truth,” showing “nature’s masterpieces in the western wonderlands just as the eye sees them.” While they do come closer to reality than the color lithographs in earlier booklets, the differences between nominally identical photos in the 1932 and 1933 editions can be striking. Of course, some of that could be due to differences in the scanners I used to copy the booklets, but much of it is in the originals themselves.

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