SuperContinental 1959 Dinner Menu

This menu featuring the SuperContinental on its cover may have been intended for use on a National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) trip in 1959. The inside offers table d’hôte meals of salmon, baked chicken, and prime rib for $3.25 each (about $27.50 today) or charcoal broiled sirloin steak for $4.50 ($38 today).

Click image to download a 1.4-MB PDF of this menu.

I confess that I made this menu from two others. I had two NRHS menus with the Corner Brook pulp mill on the cover plus this SuperContinental menu that was blank inside. Rather than show the Corner Brook menu twice, I combined the inside of one with the SuperContinental cover. I acquired them all from the same source, so it is possible that whoever collected the others on NRHS trips also picked up this one on one of those trips.

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