Canadian Pacific 1974 Bar Menu

This is a peculiar menu. First, it is 12 pages long, with eight pages (two sheets of paper) stitched into the cover, yet half of the pages are blank or nearly blank. Second, it is printed in both English and French, but the arrangement of the pages is puzzling.

Click image to download a 2.2-MB PDF of this menu.

Page 4 is labeled “from the bar” and lists various drinks. Page 5 is labeled “de notre ‘bar'” but is otherwise blank. Instead, the French version of the beverage menu is on page 9, which faces a page 8 that says “from the bar” but is otherwise blank. Page 6 is labeled “from the bar” but lists various meals and snacks, while page 7 has the same meals and snacks in French. Pages 2, 3, 10, and 11 are blank. In short, the English and French versions of meals and snacks are printed opposite one another but the English and French versions of beverages are several pages apart.

The meals and snacks more closely resemble something you would find in a pub than a bar. Meals include veal cutlet, ham steak, Spanish omelet, and fillets of fish, any of which come with two vegetables and bread. It seems likely that these were pre-prepared and heated in a microwave. “Snacks” include hamburger, cheeseburger, and several other sandwiches, which come with cole slaw and pickle. The menu also lists soup, salad, and desserts.

So the puzzling thing is why this menu used so much paper that required special assembly. The food and beverages listed could easily have fit, in both French and English, on a standard, four-page folded menu. This looks fancy, but the six blank or near-blank pages would leave passengers with the impression that a lot of items must have been deleted from the menu.

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